DavID holmes

David Holmes is a Canadian born guitarist/producer/song writer/guitar pedal and effects enthusiast/and a founding member of the band Dub Trio.  Started playing the guitar at the age of 8 and has played in bands since the age of 9.  David studied as many styles of music as he could, and then went on to further his musical  studies at Berklee College of Music.

David joined his brother Marks band Actual Proof, as did Stu Brooks.  The band moved to NYC in 2000 in need of a drummer.  Joe Tomino joined the band, and a couple of years later Dub Trio was formed.

During his 13 years in NYC he recorded,wrote and/or performed with many artists such as, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Mike Patton, Matisyahu, Young Buck, Z Trip, Simply Red, DJ Hi Tek, Trick Daddy, Lloyd Banks and Producer Joel Hamilton.

Holmes is currently working on a solo record under the moniker Manolamb.